"An organization for those who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy"


Dreams Aspired To Fulfill

Bodhi Peet is committed to provide sustainable development for underprivileged and vulnerable populations of the society with special focus on children with mental retardation by providing them care, protection and shelter through nutrition, counseling, recreation, health-care services, vocational training, education and rehabilitation regardless of age, gender, race, religion , creed etc. to achieve its goals and adjectives. But the truth is that the dreams or wishes aspired to make the life of all the children of Bodhi Peet secured; happy and worthwhile do not work alone for its fulfillment. Rather an incessant support in respect of economic, social, cultural and moral is required for the journey of the trail to reach these goals. For that our organization needs to have general and voluntary help from the sensible persons and philanthropic organizations. So, the aspired dreams of Bodhi Peet can be fulfilled through the following ways:

  1. To get the Registration under the Foreign Contribution Registration Act (FCRA), 1976.
  2. To get the Registration under National Trust Act, 1999.
  3. To complete the building at AQ-16, Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091 with all the required security measures for the inmates.
  4. To set up a Vocational Training Unit (especially rope-work) for the adequate and trainable inmates to make them independent.
  5. To establish a formal school for the children with mental retardation.
  6. To acquire the adequate and best-skilled human resource to ensure the best-services for all the inmates of the organization.
  7. To mainstream the inmates by rehabilitation.
  8. To make the organization a place for research in the field of mental retardation.
  9. Finally, to make all the inmates life lively in Bodhi Peet with a feeling of contentment, delight, satisfaction and self-feeling of security so that they may be able to think themselves as an indispensable and important part of the society.

It is needless to say that Bodhi Peet has a long way to go along with its limitations. And the trail will be walked smoothly as there is no dearth of hopes and dreams. So, let us make a pledge to set up an environment absolutely friendly for the children with mental retardation in all respect.