"An organization for those who cannot distinguish reality from fantasy"

Annual Picnic

Special Activities

Special Activities organized by the home-authority throughout year. These include:

Every year starts with the annual picnic in the month of January in Bodhi Peet. Most of the inmates accompanied by the governing body, managing committee and other general members; staff, well-wishers, guests etc. actively participate in it. Our picnic is organized at different faraway places from Bodhi Peet every year. All the inmates very eagerly take part in every events and games on the day and wins prizes. Members, staff, guests etc. also participate in the events organized for them. They also enjoy the delicious food as served according to their likings in the picnic. Actually, the day is really very eventful and enjoyable for all the persons who attend it.


Every year Bodhi Peet authority arrange a Parikrama to visit the different Durga Puja Pandals for its inmates who are movable and can bear the journey of Parikrama by a bus. Inmates along with the members, staff and others very eagerly visit the puja pandals and enjoy a lot. They also like to have ice-cream, phuchka, roll etc. at the time of Parikrama. We take permission from the commissioner of Kolkata traffic police to visit the Kolkata’s main puja pandals.


The most interesting and important programme of Bodhi Peet comes at the end of the year for which every person concerned about Bodhi Peet eagerly awaits and feels very much excited about it. Basically, the governing body of Bodhi Peet does organize a cultural programme to give pleasure to its inmates as well as the persons who contribute the organization for its smooth running throughout the year unconditionally. The cultural programme brings out the platform to all our members, staff, well-wishers, guests and obviously our inmates to share their experiences, ideas, requirements, shortcomings etc. with each other under the same roof.

The programme starts with the inaugural song performed by the inmates.After that many inmates perform their solo songs, chorus, recitation etc. one by one in the programme. Our souvenir is also released on the day by the president. It is the pleasure and pride of our organization that the governing body and the managing committee successfully organize the cultural programme along with their administrative responsibilities.

Anyway, some other programme such as celebration of Republic Day, Holi, Rabindra Jayanti, foundation Day, Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, Pre-Puja Dress Distribution Ceremony, Laxmi Puja Diwali, etc. are also observed throughout the year.